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The Dublin People Group has a combined weekly distribution of 120,000 copies. Unlike some free newspapers, we do not rely solely on distributing our papers through pick-up points; we also bring our advertisers directly to the attention of householders through unrivalled delivery to 77,200 homes across Dublin City and its surrounding suburbs. Over 70 per cent of our customers are repeat advertisers as they recognise the benefits of promoting their products or services in newspapers that reach the very heart of Dublinís communities

Three Local Newspapers
  • Northside People East Edition | 45,000 copies (26,344 door to door + 18,305 free pick-up)
  • Northside People West Edition | 32,000 copies (22,944 door to door + 9,160 free pick-up)
  • Southside People Edition | 43,000 copies (29,122 door to door + 13,510 free pick-up)
Sections within the newspaper
  • Run of paper (News)
  • Motoring
  • House & Home
  • Classifieds
    • Health & Beauty
    • Personal Services
    • Local Services
    • Trade & Services Direct
    • Planning and Public Notices
    • Private Ads
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Leaflet printing, designing and distributing is one of today's most successful and cost effective ways to reach your target market. The Dublin People Design Studio, a division of the Northside/Southside People Group of Newspapers, specialise in this field and can offer you the reliability, flexibility and control that you need to get you the very best response from your advertising campaign. Leaflets provide an effective marketing method of delivering promotional information directly to consumers.

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Banner/Sponsorship Online Advertising
  • Place your ad on
  • Fixed Rates, Campaign Offers
  • Over 70,000 page views per month
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  • As low as Ä3 per ad per month.
  • Cars, Furniture, House etc
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