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MOVIE: Booksmart is a pretty clever teen comedy

Wednesday, 29th May, 2019 7:00pm
MOVIE: Booksmart is a pretty clever teen comedy
MOVIE: Booksmart is a pretty clever teen comedy

THERE are a million movies featuring American teens struggling through school life. 

Most of them are formulaic and forgettable, but this year we have been treated to a couple of standouts. First we had the flawless ‘Eighth Grade’, about a shy 13-year-old called Kayla who just doesn’t fit in. And now we have the almost equally impressive but slightly aged up, ‘Booksmart’. 

This latest educational based feature tells the story of two friends, Amy and Molly, who have spent their entire high school existence with their heads buried in books, hoping to gain entrance to the best universities in the country. 

When on the last day of school they realise that their ‘deadbeat’ classmates not only partied hard, but are also getting into the same top colleges, the two buddies are faced with only one choice. 

Their last night in school must make up for the years of not having fun, so they head out on the town with the challenge of catching up for lost time and living it up to the max. A super idea for a story.

The film is directed by Olivia Wilde who you may know for her acting talents (‘Drinking Buddies’, ‘Rush’) and her connections with Ireland (a former student of the Gaiety School of Acting). 

As a first time director, Wilde impresses with a keen eye and a steady hand, appearing to have found a new and no doubt successful career in this area. 

The outrageously bold script is penned by an all female writing team and the two leads (Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever) deliver the lines with conviction, ease and charm. 

It’s hard to say this film is as good as ‘Eighth Grade’; it’s almost there, but lacks that little bit of heart to push it over the line. However, it is older and therefore edgier, with more laugh out loud moments to enjoy. 

If you spent your school life stuck in a library and/or are still there, put down the books and head out to see ‘Booksmart’. 

We  give  it a review score of four stars. 

Paul O’Rourke

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