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  • Entertainment

THEATRE: Beginning ends with a standing ovation

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019 7:00pm
THEATRE: Beginning ends with a standing ovation
THEATRE: Beginning ends with a standing ovation

IF you’re looking for a great night out this week, you’re in luck. As well as some really entertaining movies at the cinema, there’s a cracking play over at the Gate. 

'Beginning' is written by British playwright, David Eldridge, and tells the story of two London singles who meet as a late night birthday party winds down. The somewhat drink fuelled encounter between Laura (Eileen Walsh) and Danny (Marty Rea), is sometimes awkward, often hilarious, but always refreshing in its take on how people do, or perhaps don’t, get together. 

Under the direction of Marc Atkinson, the piece is superbly acted with a script that is so on-point and relatable, it will have you laughing, cringing, and perhaps swooning, as the two would be lovers lay their heart on the line. We award ‘Beginning’ a review score of five, highly entertaining stars.

If you prefer your actors projected onto a large screen, and are not afraid of things that go bump in the night, we recommend you check out 'Pet Sematary'. It’s truly terrifying and you’ll never look at a cat in the same way again. The Stephen King penned tale is a strong one, raising some interesting questions about death, but even though it features a young child at its heart, do remember to leave your children at home.

More kid friendly fare can be found in the form of 'Missing Link', a cute animation from the makers of 'Paranorman', which tells the clever story of an English adventurer who goes in search of the mythical Bigfoot. The film’s rich colours look great on screen and there are just enough laughs and silly situations for the young ones to be entertained.

Equally silly, but for a slightly older audience is 'Shazam!', a kind of DC Comics mashup between Tom Hanks’s 'Big', and any other superhero movie you care to mention. The best thing about this film is the mountains of fun 14-year-old Billy has discovering his new powers. This provides extra humour and a childlike innocence to a genre that is almost past its sell by date. Refreshingly good. 

Paul O’Rourke

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