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MOVIE: The Equalizer 2 adds violence to justice

Wednesday, 15th August, 2018 7:00pm
MOVIE: The Equalizer 2 adds violence to justice
MOVIE: The Equalizer 2 adds violence to justice

Paul O’Rourke

THERE’S a lot of them around. Middle aged men with ninja powers capable of taking down an entire room full of baddies. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and Liam Neeson to name but three.

And let’s not forget Denzel Washington, one of the finest actors of his time, not afraid to tackle the action hero genre. 

Washington is back as Robert McCall, the retired and reluctant special agent who can’t help himself, help those who have been wronged. 

This guy really really hates injustice, so if you’ve been overcharged on your phone bill or sold some dodgy insurance, give him a call, he’ll sort things out. He may break the fingers of the culprit mind, or put him in A&E, but hey, that’s the way he rolls. 

This time out McCall is faced with no other option than to come out of retirement again after his best friend and colleague, played by Melissa Leo, is murdered. 

Not much else to report here except that McCall must figure out who did it and why, before slowly picking them off one by one. 

It’s formulaic stuff but even the most enthusiastic followers of the genre will be scratching their heads and shifting in their seat at the first hour which is painfully slow.

The action and suspense does pick up in the second half and there are some dramatic sequences including a boy hiding in a bookcase and a family breakfast confrontation which get the heart racing. 

Washington is watchable as always, his quiet threatening delivery can be very effective and there is plenty of violence to keep the blood-thirsty satisfied. 

Overall it’s a bit of a slog, not very innovative, with a predictable final fight to the death ending. On the plus side you have Denzel, some tension filled scenes, and some good fight sequences if that’s your thing. 

We award the ‘Equalizer 2’ one star, plus another star, plus one half of a star. That equals 2.5. We hope McCall feels this score is justified, otherwise we’re in trouble.

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